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Examiner 13 December 2016: Tomaree Ratepayers and Residents Association issues apology to mayor Bruce MacKenzie

And in a parallel universe:

Examiner 26 December 2016: OPINION: Port Stephens Council and residents united in 2016 to fight to state government on merger proposal

“Of course, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that the people who live and visit Port Stephens are happy with their local area and their local council.
I’m not really one for statistics, but this year we achieved a community satisfaction rating of 86 per cent despite the turmoil.
That’s probably the greatest tribute of all.” – Mayor Bruce MacKenzie

Port Stephens Council 28 July 2015

Port Stephens Council

This is a story about last week’s Council meeting when about 100 people turned up including State MP Kate Washington and rallied outside Council. 

Council Meeting 2A

This is some of the reaction afterwards:

Examiner 06 Aug 2015: Letter to the Editor

150728 TRRA Letter to Councillors Re Cabbage Tree Mine

150810 PSC Response To TRRA Letter Re Cabbage Tree Mine

Newcastle Herald 28 July 2015: Chaos at Port Council meeting

Examiner 29 July: Explosive scenes at Port Stephens Council Port Stephens Council meeting gets heated 

1233 ABC Radio Interview 29 July 2015: This morning, 1233’s Paul Turton checked in with Port Stephens Mayor Bruce MacKenzie and Member for Port Stephens Kate Washington, after a rather eventful council meeting last night.

The Port Stephens Council meeting began with 30 to 40 angry protesters descending on the chambers, moved on to disputes, heckling, accusations and shouting matches, and ended with an unsuccessful “no confidence” motion by Cr Peter Kafer.

Mayor McKenzie and MP Washington told Paul their sides of the story, their individual opinions on the protesters, and engaged in a somewhat heated debate about the future of Port Stephens.

1233 ABC Radio Interview 29 July 2015: Port Stephens Council Meeting Gets Heated – Mayor Bruce Mackenzie and MP Kate Washington (Audio File- Turn up your speakers)

Newcastle Herald 30 July 2015: Mayor votes on sand mine despite conflict of interest

  • Clarification: Murray Towndrow was the Development Manager, Buildev NSW Pty Ltd. and was the employee of CQP that Council were negotiating the Cabbage tree Mine Lease with.  
  • Darren Williams was CEO of Buildev and the sole Director of Castle Quarry Products.
Breaking News, 29 July 2015:
We now have the Minutes from the 28 July Council. We have just discovered a Supplementary document that we were not aware of at the meeting. Supplementary Information This effectively parks this major controversy until after the next Council election! How convenient.
This mine was supposed to be producing 1.7 million dollars income per year for the rate payers from July 2016. How much more money is this continuing flirtation with Buildev, Tinkler and Co. going to cost us in grandiose plans that never get delivered? Whats the betting that we get to 28 Jan 2017 and they will be looking for another extension? How many chances do they get? So much for the forward estimates for the Council budget. and addressing the $29 Million backlog of maintenance and Infrastructure.

Newcastle Herald July 31: MICHAEL McGOWAN: Port needs fresh start

“From Newcastle, the view of the Port Stephens Council, when one is formed, is generally of an enigmatic basket case led under the quasi-dictatorial influence of Cr MacKenzie.”  – Michael McGowan

Local MP Takes On PSC Mayor

Council Meeting 1A


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  1. It seems that direct group action is the best policy against this Council. A hundred people at every meeting, five hundred people at every meeting, whatever it takes to end the secretive flawed processes being hatched in our name and to our detriment by this Council.

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