After The Storm

Bridle Path NB

The Bridle Path NB


TRRA sincerely hopes that your house and your family, pets and friends survived the latest East Coast Low OK.  We think that this storm was worse than the Pasha Bulka storm by the damage caused and are very concerned that these events seem to be happening more frequently.

The strength of the wind was evident in the number of massive trees down but also the large number of traffic signs that were ripped out of the ground at all the roundabouts and traffic intersections. We don’t recall that happening before on that scale.

The time it took to restore power this time was also an indicator of the severity of the storm. The amount of food lost in freezers and the effect of nearly a week without power shutting down businesses etc. was devastating for those affected. We may even have another baby boom since there was no TV to watch….

Bridle Path NB

The Bridle Path NB


TRRA wrote to Council after hearing Steve Bernasconi, PSC Council Community Services Manager interviewed on ABC 1233 on Monday afternoon in a program comparing the response of Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and PS Councils to the massive green waste problem that the storm has created. The other Councils are providing an immediate green waste pickup for residents. PS Councils response is outlined below.

We thanked Council for what they have done so far, but are concerned that they are possibly not aware of the scale of the problem confronting some residents. There is no way that some of the debris that we have seen about the place can be taken out to the waste transfer station in someones 7×4 trailer or ute. We are talking industrial size chainsaws and large cranes here.

It appears that since Monday they are now considering other options, but it sounds like it will be a long time before the cleanup is completed. We will keep you posted.

150504 Letter PSC re delay in kerbside pick up after storm event

150506 Response to TRRA re Request for Earlier Kerbside Collection – 6 May 2015

Updated PSC Media Release 11 May 2015

Examiner May 20 2015: One Month On From The April Storm – Gallery

Examiner Port’s April Storm Damage Bill Is Expected To Run Into The Tens Of Millions Of Dollar

Later Story Reaction to Mayor’s Controversial Tree Culling Proposal
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  1. Terry Wall says:

    Council have put in a good effort, but are now short of funds. Current priority is to get the necessary money to complete the job. Lets hope that is not too far away.

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