Cabbage Tree Road Sandmine

Will The Port Stephens Ratepayers Ever Get the ‘Cabbage’ from the Cabbage Tree Road Sand Mine? Part 1

This story above was edited 01 August 2015 as further information was received.

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There is a fair bit of detail in this article but TRRA think this is necessary to understand the implications of this story, and get all of it properly on the record.

• This information was researched from the 35 newspaper reports and all the Council documents in our extensive TRRA database on the subject, and we feel that it needs to be aired in full. References are included at the bottom of the article.

• We hope the ratepayers of Port Stephens will consider our major articles like this when evaluating the Councils performance prior to the next election in 2016.

This story has been evolving as we researched it and The Cabbage Tree Mine is on The Agenda for the Council Meeting 28 July 2015. We will keep updating this story, on this page, it still has a long way to go.

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Cabbage Tree Sand Mine Part 2

 Will The Port Stephens Ratepayers Ever Get the ‘Cabbage’ from the Cabbage Tree Road Sand Mine? Part 2

More updates on this story as they become available. 

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2 Responses to Cabbage Tree Road Sandmine

  1. Sarah Appleby says:

    Great research and what a tangled web the Port Stephen council weaves in order to scratch their mates’ backs with absolutely zero concern for ethical conduct.
    Appalling to say the least!

  2. John James says:

    So disappointing that one of this current council’s first jobs was to axe the webcasting of the meetings. So much for open government. Many of us are interested in what really is happening within the council chamber but for various reasons are unable to attend in person. A lot of other councils have nothing to hide and continue to use webcasts. Savannah in the USA not only has all their meetings on the web ( but is broadcast on a local television channel 24/7! Sounds as if last nights meeting would have topped the ratings. Perhaps PSC could sell advertising to balance the books now that it looks as if the revenue is likely to be delayed at least another 6 months from Cabbage Tree Road sand mine.

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