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TRRA Inc. have now opened up their website for comments from members and the public.  All comments are moderated so be a little patient, your comment will be posted as soon as we can check it.

TRRA Committee of Management want your feedback on the major issues facing the ratepayers of Port Stephens today, to guide us in producing effective relevant submissions on the the things that affect YOU.

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9 Responses to Comments Now Welcome!

  1. Helen Shepherd says:

    Why is it so! No consultation regarding traffic lights at Shoal Bay. Do the resident of Shoal Bay and Fingal Bay not count!

    • Dick says:

      Black Spot Funding – 4 locations in Tomaree
      Grants announced July 2015 for traffic management projects inc. 4 sites in Tomaree:
      • Victoria Parade, Nelson Bay (pedestrian crossing, calming ramps & lighting)
      • Shoal Bay Government Rd/Shoal Bay Rd junction (traffic lights, 3-way pedestrian crossings, lighting)
      • Soldiers Point Rd Wanda Beach – relocation of crossing at shops, calming ramps and lighting) Fencing being used.
      • Taylors Beach (camber changes nr Bunnings)
      Met with traffic planners/engineers and other community groups. Black spot grants system does not allow for advanced community consultation. Council has to respond very quickly with bids for sites specified by RMS, then once grants announced only limited scope for changes, and design and construction required within 10 months. TRRA is expressing concerns about this process with State and Federal government grants.

  2. Margaret says:

    Thanks for your comments on this. Now that this proposal is out for public submissions as per the Examiner of 30.5.13, everyone will be able to view what is proposed and not just what we have read in the newspapers. Your comments are noted. When a development is proposed on the road which Tomaree Peninsula residents as their main gateway to the lovely area in which we live, if we have the volunteers available to look at what is proposed, then of course we will comment. If there are potential future costs to Council (and indirectly we, the ratepayers) then we are interested, particularly if the development ignores agreed plans, particularly for the economic development area around the airport. To indicate that the development is “next door” to the airport could be open to interpretation.

  3. Edward Crawford says:

    Thanks Terry. It would have been nice if you had called me before writing this – we could have straightened out some important facts.

    I think the fact that the Port Stephens residents and ratepayers (including me!) own 50% of the airport AND tolerate 100% of the noise and traffic should mean that the residents and ratepayers are enabled to capitalise on the massive economic opportunity that the airport represents.

    There are around 10 million car movements at the roundabout near the airport; many of these are people from outside of the Port Stephens area, and are only driving to the airport, turning around and leaving the area. Many are simply NOT going to Nelson Bay, or any further into Port Stephens; they are going ONLY to the airport.

    Why shouldn’t the Port Stephens residents and ratepayers capitalise on that activity, and create some jobs, investment, opportunity? Are you saying we should put all our eggs in one basket (Nelson Bay)? That sounds economically – and socially – very risky. It just makes no sense to suggest that the residents and ratepayers should bear the cost of owning half the airport, but shouldn’t do everything possible to make the most of that investment. Port Stephens needs jobs, and investment, and infrastructure. We are going to be part of delivering all that.

    Let’s be clear : our proposal is NOT for any residential uses, and does not include any hotel. I don’t know where you got that idea from. It is purely for commercial uses. Newcastle Airport must be one of the only significant airports in the country WITHOUT supporting commercial infrastructure next door. Our proposal is highly compatible with the location.

    Frankly, I’m not sure what Williamtown has to do with the remit of the TRRA : your own website defines your geographic area of interest, and Williamtown is not included.

    Edward Crawford

  4. Terry Wall says:

    Last week we read that Crawford Robinson have lodged a DA with council to establish a bulky goods depot near Williamstown. The DA included what I guess they thought would be a sweetener by proposing a Tourist development which includes three more fast food outlets (making a total of seven) plus a new hotel. Council will hopefully be aware that it may be a better to encourage visitors to continue for half an hour to Nelson Bay food outlets. This support locals, reduce the danger of eating while driving, the amount of rubbish on our road sides and lift the nutritional integrity of the food.
    If Council wants to go ahead with this short minded DA, can I also suggest that they insulate Ratepayers from any future legal responsibility concerning the damaging costs of rising sea levels and flooding which may include relocation of roads etc and ensure that the Ratepayers are protected from any possible aircraft noise litigation.
    Finally it would be hard to imagine a less appropriate place to build a Hotel: featureless landscape, future aircraft noise, legal challenges. If such guarantees cannot be obtained then the rezoning should not proceed.

  5. Ray Belcher says:

    The GM, senior staff, Creig Beauman, Mayor Westbury, and every councillor are fully aware of the ‘Fraud and Deception’ carried out by all, in the 4 Ocean Pde Boat Harbour development.
    Who amongst the new council will call all of these to publically account for their actions.

  6. I realise it is TRRA policy to not endorse any political party or individual, but in view of some of the decisions made by the current Council, decisions that will hit us all in the hip pocket, and in view of the 2011 NSW Government Report into the council don’t you think its your responsibility to ‘de’ endorse some members or groups in the current administration. I am sure anybody that has read the NSW 2011 report on the Council would be of the same opinion

  7. Am not quite sure if this is in the correct place.
    The next meeting is talking about tourism – I cannot be there, could someone mention the fact that no tourists are going to come to Port Stephens when the cosy coterie of taxi operators charge $130 from the airport to the Bay based on a taxi boundary excuse that requires two way charging. We obviously need a boundary system that centres on the airport so that the cost of going 30 k to Newcastle is the same as the cost of 30k to the Bay ( and that is certainly not $130 )

  8. Neil Hansford says:

    As the Nelson Bay strategy is finally completed after so many years of our advocacy the Salamander Shopping Centre expansion is again on our agenda and will need as much attention if another significant part of our daily life is to be developed to give maximum benefit for all in the community now and in the years ahead.
    Why won’t PSC accept the need for a professional master plan and why is adhoc dashes for cash the order of the day?

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