Lawyers Picnic at Lagoons Estate 2016

 Press Clippings Updated to 20 May 2016. 

I wonder what the new ‘City of the Hunter Coast Council’ will make of this when they get the multi-million dollar bill next year??? 

Posted 07 April 2016.

12 Years of litigation, and the only winners are the lawyers!

Lawyers1TRRA have been monitoring the developments in this story for some time. We last visited it in July 2015.  (‘Ratepayers Millions Down The Drain’, Link below) The ‘Fact and Timeline Report’ should get everyone up to speed. This could have been fixed 12 years ago for about $ 1.5 Mill, and almost was until someone though that by sitting on it for a while they could send the developer broke. That happened, but the problem did not go away…….. We shudder to think what all this has cost so far in legal fees and the failed attempt to fix it on the cheap. It has now been in the NSW Supreme Court the NSW Appeal Court, The Land and Environment Court and was knocked back for hearing in the High Court.  It is now back in the Supreme Court, and back in the press, but our Council is saying nothing! Next hearing date 08 April 2016. Watch this site for further updates, the briefings for Councillors will be confidential, while they try to keep it quiet. We have seen the PSC Long Term Financial Plan and there is no contingency to cover any of this.

TRRA Lagoons Estate Report 05 April 2016: Facts and Timeline – Lagoons Estate Development


Newcastle Herald 20 May 2016: Port Stephens Council paid a developer $750,000 for an agreement that didn’t hold water

Newcastle Herald 06 May 2016: Port Stephens Council’s drainage problems just got bigger

Newcastle Herald 5 April 2016: Port Stephens Council has until 5pm Wednesday to withdraw a key document from a legal case

Newcastle Herald 28 March 2016: Port Stephens Council is under challenge over a Nelson Bay development

Money-down-drain_20150719154518Ratepayer’s Millions Down the Drain?

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