Meet Our New Council

The final Council election results were made available at 11:38 am today on the Electoral Commission website HERE

Mayor: Ryan Palmer

Central Ward: Steve Tucker, Sarah Smith, Chris Doohan

East Ward: Glen Dunkley, Jamie Abbott, John Nell

West Ward: Giacomo Arnott, Ken Jordan, Paul Le-Mottee

TRRA Inc. Would like to congratulate all successful candidates on their election, and sincerely hopes that we can work constructively together with them in the new Council when they take up their roles.

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3 Responses to Meet Our New Council

  1. george allen says:

    you’ve hit the nail on the head Jackie, well said.

  2. Congratulations to all new members of our Council ,
    The people need your help . For me the people on and near Willamstown need HELP . The tourist business on sand dunes need your help because if the sand minding keeps doing what there doing we won’t have our dunes , we will have a big Bondi beach . There are many pressing issues Roads Health and no more high rise at Nelson Bay .
    You are now working for the people so do your job and do it well ! Thank you !

  3. george allen says:

    Nelson Bay deserves better roads, transport and health services before giving developers the go-ahead to build high tower developments.

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