Questionnaire to PS Council Election Candidates

The Port Stephens Greens have sent a comprehensive 24 Question survey to all lead candidates in the 2017 Council election. Twelve of the candidates completed the questionnaires. Some of the responses are quite interesting and can be viewed HERE.

Please Note: The law on distributing election material is very important.

This is especially relevant due to some very contentious and derogatory material that is being distributed across the LGA in the lead up to the election which carries no identification whatsoever.

TRRA is of the view that anything being distributed without attribution is generally sent out that way because the perpetrators arguments would not stand up to proper legal scrutiny, and are probably libellous, untrue or both. This material should preferably be ignored, but if you look at who would stand to gain from such imputations, it is not too hard to figure out where it is coming from. The Police are have been notified and are investigating.

This Disclaimer is on the Greens site and applies to this TRRA site as well. We have their permission to link to this article. TRRA Inc. are not endorsing any group or candidate either.

“Please note that anyone printing and distributing ‘election material’ must comply with electoral law, including by including an ‘authorised by … and printed by …’ imprint. Also, any such material distributed on election day (9 September) had to be registered with the Electoral Commission by 1 September. We therefore advise viewers not to print and distribute any of the information on this page.  Port Stephens Greens are not endorsing or supporting any candidate or group – we provide the candidates’ responses to our questionnaire for online viewing as a public service to assist voters in making their choice.”

Tip! Take care with your preferences again in this election, make sure you know where your vote is going.

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7 Responses to Questionnaire to PS Council Election Candidates

  1. John Ballantyne says:

    Reveived this disgusting leaflet in mailbox this morning. Glad to hear that TRRA has already reported it. (I have a feeling I know who the instigators are.)

  2. Michael Walton says:

    We are grateful to the TRRA for publicising this matter. We have reported the offending leaflets to the Premier, Minister for Local Government, and Ms Brazel, Acting Head of Investigations of the NSW Electoral Commission, is currently investigating. If such conduct was deemed acceptable at previous elections in Port Stephens, we that suggest residents make their vote count at this election… Our community is better than this.

    Friends of Black Swan Bay

  3. John Ballantyne says:

    Here! Here!

  4. Michael Fibbens says:

    Before constructing my list of contenders I read the basic information disclosed in their nomination. Fortunately, there seem to be some able new faces, however, I believe that “life experience” is important in our councillors. Hopefully, this time around we can achieve a council with the “ethos” to achieve responsible and effective management. We need councillors who will heed the advice of council experts and proceed only after due deliberation of the facts. There is no place for “politics” in local government, but I don’t think that disqualifies anyone on the labour team. We just need to farewell the shenanigans of the past era. We will all need to keep on to the new council to make sure councillors act as our servants (rather than carry on as if in possession of a personal fiefdom)!

    Michael Fibbens

  5. John Ballantyne says:


  6. george allen says:

    Me too John B, Mr Palmer wants to develop Nelson Bay but I was there this morning and it has already been developed, may be we should ring a bell “ding-a-ling”

  7. John Ballantyne says:

    Not impressed by Ryan Palmer’s vague non committal response to questions about building heights increasing or his non-response to the question of the sale of the Tomaree Lodge (Q20 &21)

    Rya Palmer is off my list.

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