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TRRA have covered this issue at length in reports to General Meetings and in the report of the controversial 28 July 2015 Council Meeting when it was on the agenda with other contentious issues. This is how we presented the report at our last TRRA Meeting:

150804 Boomerang TreesThis project is in the center of Raymond Terrace township, but the way it has been promoted, funded, and implemented by the Mayor and his supporting Councillors, has major implications for the whole LGA, the future of parks, open space, tree preservation, children s playgrounds, the Men’s Shed movement, aged housing, Heritage etc. It is yet another example of the rampant crony capitalism, with the usual mates looking after mates behavior, that has dominated this term of Council since it was elected in 2012.

Boomerang Park Location MapDescription: Port Stephens Council – Boomerang Park – Raymond Terrace
Boomerang Park is a large expanse of parkland covering over 50 acres and is located opposite St Brigids Catholic Church on Irrawang Street, Raymond Terrace. This parkland area is set on a former site of a local quarry which furnished the sandstone for many of the early buildings in Raymond Terrace. Located on the opposite side of the park ‘Elizabeth Street Side’ is the historic Pioneer Cemetery with graves dating back to the early 1800’s. Current Facilities:Public Amenities, Barbeque & Picnic Facilities, Play Equipment, Sporting Fields utilised for hockey and dog obedience trials

The Proposal:

Original Port Stephens Council Plan Of Management 2000

Draft Boomerang Park Master Plan 25 Nov 2014

The draft master plan proposes additional facilities such as playground, skate park, men’s shed, fitness trail, pathway and landscaping improvements. The proposal also recommends that a 4.5 hectare portion of the park is reclassified and rezoned as residential to provide income which will act as a funding source for the proposed facilities. The proposal has been publicly exhibited as detailed in the Council report with 18 submissions being received.

Letter to Councillors From Boomerang Park Action Group 29 Jan 2015

The letter above covers the major concerns that TRRA has about this project.

  • Lack of proper community consultation and process and the rejection of the majority of submissions received.
  • Rezoning 4.5 hectares of public open space for residential housing to fund the project.
  • Environmental, tree preservation, Koala habitat considerations, heritage and cultural significance.
  • Failure to respect the integrity of the  original 2000 Plan Of Management.


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Recent Revelations and Developments:

Seniors Living Proposal?


Mens shed?

Boomerang Park Media: 

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Examiner 17 September 2015: Men’s Shed way too big



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