Our New Format Website for 2017, How it works….

Our New Format Website for 2017, How it works………New Website 2

January 2017: In January 2016 we launched our new format website, it is now one year old, so we are going to follow the same policy and archive the important issues for the previous year to cut down the clutter.  Please use the search engine on the right to find specific issues, the BackBurner Icon, or look through the Yearly Archives  for time based searching. One project on this years list is to index all our TRRA submissions so that they are easily available and consistent….. 

Stay with us in 2017 for truly independent commentary on the things that really matter on the Tomaree Peninsula, enter your email in the ‘Subscribe box’ in the right sidebar………… There are now 48 Pages, 241 Posts and 152 comments on this site……………Enjoy!

January 2016: To freshen the site up, we are only going to keep the current issues on the front page. We think it important however that we archive all the previous content for posterity, as funnily enough , just when we think these issues are all done and dusted – they come back again!

So – We have fired up the old TRRA Back Burner and devoted a special Page to each of the Six categories that have emerged since 2008 as everyone’s major concerns. 

  1. Press Clippings Archive
  2. TRRA – Local News
  3. Planning and Development Matters 
  4. Local Government – Our Council – We  considered a special one here, exclusively for our Mayor, but……. 
  5. State Government Matters  – ICAC stuff is on a sub page….
  6. Anything Else……………..

So click on THE DROP-DOWN MENUS across the TOP OF THE PAGE or on the Icon below and select your category for archives of previous issues. There are now 44 Pages, 231 Posts and 687 Images on this site……………Enjoy!


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3 Responses to Our New Format Website for 2017, How it works….

  1. Nigel Waters says:

    Good work Dick – continuous improvement! Onus on us all to keep feeding you material.

  2. Jean Armstrong says:

    Gosh Dick, you need a medal. The New Format Website is terrific.

    Thank you so much,
    Jean Armstrong

  3. Terry Wall says:

    I like the improvements 🙂

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